Short Curriculum Vitae

Christina Michalarea was born and raised in Rhodes. In 2002 she graduated from the University of Surrey, Guildford Campus UK (, from the department of Nutrition (BSc (Hons) in Nutrition). She then completed her Masters degree within a year in Clinical Nutrition and Immunology (MSc in Clinical Nutrition And Immunology) at the University of Surrey, Roehampton Campus, with her thesis being carried out at the General Hospital of Rhodes in the Renal Unit , with the title “ The effect of the amino acid supplements to the nutritional status of dialysed Greek patients”.
Her Bachelor of Science after having gone through exams, attended lectures and done a clinical placement for 1 year was recognized from ÄÉÊÁÔÓÁ as equal to the Greek equivalent University  department of Nutrition , Charokopio of Athens. Her clinical placement was  carried out at the Greek hospitals Erithros Stavros, Geniko Kratiko G. Genimatas, Children’s Hospital Aglaia Kiriakou and in the community based nursery house of Ag. Paraskevi.
She is also holder of the Certificate of Food Safety from The Royal Institute of Public Health & Hygiene, UK.
She has worked at the doctors office special internist in Athens for a year as clinical nutritionist and dietitian.  She has also been a tutor at the NELE in Health Promotion. She is Scientific Cooperator with : KOSMOS TV of Rhodes, Athens Newspaper Eleftherotipia magazine E Iatrika “health and nutrition” and in the past at the  TV programme ”Health for all” National Channel NET.


  1. Rhodes : many nursery schools and elementary schools with subjects the healthy nutrition

  2. Karpathos with the 1st Elementary school and  Association of Parents  and Child carers  about the
    ”Children’s nutrition and obesity”

  3. Kos and Lipsi with the Ministry of Welfare, General Secretariat of the Consumer, on “food spoilage,  Mediterranean Diet and the Metabolic Syndrome”

  4. Day speech with the Elderly Care Unit of the Municipality of Kalithea at the private school “Kolegio Rodou” on “Diabetes Mellitus and nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease and nutrition”

  5. Informative speech on the “food labels” (nutrition week of the Panhellenic Comity of Dietitians) at the HEN of Rhodes.


12th European Meeting of the international Association for Adolescent Health (IAAH)

9th Panhellenic Diabetes Conference   Rodos Palace , Rhodes

Certificate of attendance a seminar on Olive Oil in Rhodes-Greece

7th  Panhellenic Conference of Nutrition-Dietetics, Athens.

7th International Symposium on Atherosclerosis and Related Risk Factors, Áthens.

8th  International Seminar EL.I.O.S, Áthens.

13th Panhellenic Conference of Nephrology, Rhodes.


13th  Panhellenic Conference of Nephrology, Rhodes. Poster Presentation of team work carried out at the District Hospital of Rhodes, Greece with the title « EVALUATION OF AMINO ACID PARENTERIC SUPPLEMENTATION  DURING DIALYSIS SESSIONS ON THE NUTRITIONAL STATUS OF THE DIALYSED PATIENTS » P. Álivanis, C. Ìichalarea, G. Giannikoouris, P. Vogiatzis, A. Volanaki, I. Athanasopoulou.

14ï Panhellenic Conference of Nephrology, Chalkidiki, Poster presentation of team work titled : Clinical Evaluation of the bioempedance in determinig the dry weight of the hemodyalisi patient».  P. Álivanis, G. Giannikoouris, C. Ìichalarea, A. Volanaki, P. Vogiatzis


No.13, 2005    Dialysis Living

P. Álivanis, G. Giannikoouris, C. Ìichalarea*, P. Vogiatzis, A. Volanaki, I. Athanasopoulou.
Renal Unit, District Hospital of Rhodes & University of Surrey, Roehampton, UK*


Since 2005 Member of the Local Health Authorities (department of Health) check of the Dietetic Offices,  Ìember of the EFAD. European federation of the Dietitic Associations, Member of the British Nutrition Society, Member of the Panhellenic Association of Dietitians, Member of the  coordinative committee of the freelance dietitians of the Panhellenic Association.



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