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Dear all,

welcome to the internet site of Mrs Christina's Micharea nutrition & dietetic office.
The office was established in 2005 and my main scope is not only to help those who want to loose weight but also those who confront great health problems such as Chronic Renal Failure, Hepatic Failure, Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease etc.
We live in an era where the consumer is being bombarded from adverts and messages, new diet or new products, however in our days the forbiddances of more and more foods are increasing and the development of the Western Type diseases (CVD, Diabetes, obesity) are increasing even more.
Nutrition plays a key role in the  prevention of these diseases as well as obesity, which tends to become an epidemic.  Our country (Greece) is already ranked in the first place for children’s obesity in Europe and it is important to prevent the consequences.

With the right diet and nutrition where needed, patience, long-term objectives and positive thought as for the cooking, all will be achieved. The science of nutrition- dietetics has made great steps and the clinical dietitians are the most capable for the confrontation of such health issues.

I hope that your navigation in this page will help you make better choices and help you make the best decision for your nutrition “making food your remedy” (Hippocrates)


Yours sincerelly,


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