Personalized nutritional programmes for:

  • holidays, fasting, work (shifts etc), seminars

  • during the life cycle (childhood, adolescence, pregnancy-lactation, third age)

  • scientific weight with emphasis at the metabolism & weight gain with emphasis at the lipidemic profile & weight maintenance with emphasis in healthy nutrition, easy and forever

  • clinical conditions, with specialisation in Renal Deficiency.
    Hepatic Deficiency, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Anemia, CVD, nutritional disturbances (anorexia, bulimia), depression, thyreoidism etc.

  • Monitoring of Body Composition with technologically up todate machine

  • Uptake of seminars on public nutrition

The office welcomes any cooperation through the internet regarding diets. Your diet can be done through the net if you are not in Rhodes Greece. You must first deposit the amount of money that will  be agreed between you and the dietitian. You must also fill in the form below and at the end you must either call or email us in order to verify your details.




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